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Our advanced development lab was created to enable quick turn, high-quality finished prototypes and specialized low volume production runs. Stanley Innovation has the expertise in mechanical design, analysis and manufacturing to bring your concept into reality.

Our lab houses top of line rapid prototyping machinery, allowing us to put your project on the right development path—fast. 

Rapid Protoyping Machines

Fortus 360mc FDM printer

Trotec 4-axis laser cutter

Hass VF2-SS 3 axis vertical milling machine

Hass TL2 2 axis CNC Lathe

TIG/MIG welding

Mechanical design, fabrication and analysis





Dynamics and vibration analysis


Analytical mechanics


Smart sensor design

Power Electronics


Motor Drives

Battery and BMS development

Digital communication electronics

Electrical debug, testing and validation

Software & System Integration

Embedded software architecture and development for application, estimation, toolkit and I/O layers

PC application development for development and manufacturing tool chains including: bootloader, API’s, database, configuration and testing software

PC and Linux based operator control unit (OCU) for controlling robotic systems

Fault logging utilities for component level fault isolation

Automated testing and data collection

Custom, On Site Laser cutting and Engraving

Our Trotec 4 Axis Laser offers fast laser cutting and engraving of a variety of materials for customized prototyping.

Available MIG Welding

Our facility offers designated space for MIG welding capabilties.

Fortus 360mc FDM Printer

Custom prototyping using our on site 3D Printer enables us to quickly work through the interative designs, delivering prototypes for functional evaluation sooner.

Advanced Design and Analysis Software

Stanley Innovation has licenses for all the necessary software for advanced design and analysis to design and build nearly any prototype.

We're always researching and using the newest tools of the trade

As the field of robotics expands, new sensors and applications for those sensors are introduced. Our engineers stay up to date with the newest industry trends.

Sound like we have the capabilities you need?

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