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How URDF Models and 3D Models Can Help Your Next Robotics Project

Whether you know it yet or not, if you’re working on a robotics project, chances are you will need URDF and/or 3D models. Not sure what those models do, or which ones you need? Then read on.

At Stanley Innovation, we know robots—and that means we know what robotics projects call for. We offer both URDF models and Standard 3D Models for each of the following Segway RMPs:

  • RMP_210
  • RMP_220
  • RMP_440LE
  • RMP_440SE
  • RMP_omni

Whether you are a researcher evaluating a robotic platform for your next research project, or a product engineer or robotics integrator who needs to test out components or create simulations for investors, you’ll need digital models to go along with your robotics project—and you shouldn’t have to waste time or resources creating them yourself.

URDF Models for Your Robotics Project

What is a URDF Model?

The URDF (Universal Robot Description Format) model is a collection of files that describe a robot’s physical description to ROS. These files are used by a program called ROS (Robot Operating System) to tell the computer what the robot actually looks like in real life. URDF files are needed in order for ROS to understand and be able to simulate situations with the robot before a researcher or engineer actually acquires the robot. You can learn more about URDF files and packages on

Why do I need a URDF Model?

We know that URDF models take a lot of time to generate and get right, which is why we make these files available to anyone interested in using a Segway RMP. Our URDF files are simple XML files that describe the mass, cg, and dimensions of the Segway RMP base platform. They make it easy to simulate in ROS before you make a purchase decision. Our Segway RMP URDF files also enable modifications to the platform in ROS, so that you can integrate and test various sensors, robotic arms, vision components or payload capacities.

ROS Integration is a necessity in modern robotics, and URDF models are a necessity to integrate a platform with ROS. Our platform-specific URDF model files are easy to use and are unique to each Segway RMP platform we offer, meaning our platforms work out of the box with ROS. You will need a URDF file specific to your robotic project’s platform in order to develop solutions through ROS.

Download Segway RMP URDF Models Now

Standard 3D Models for Your Robotics Project

What is a Standard 3D Model?

A Standard 3D Model of an RMP is a complete, exact three-dimensional rendering of that robotic mobility platform. They eliminate the need for tedious lists of data points, measurements and complicated drawings. Our engineers have put in the time and effort to make exact 3D models of all of our Segway RMPs.

Why do I need a Standard 3D Model?

A Standard 3D model allows for rapid integration. It’s far more useful to be able visually see the model, rotate it and take measurements where and when you need it for your own purposes. This type of visual rendering makes it easy to locate and gain insight on various components of the platform. (For a cool example, visit: GrabCAD’s ceramic disk brake 3D models — select “3D View” and play around with the on-screen model.)

The 3D model also allows you to bring our product into design software like Solidworks, Pro-E or animation tools to help design other parts, measure for integrations or just generally visualize the robot in a 3D way. Our 3D models are platform-specific, so that you can look at and “play” with the platform before you decide to buy. You can create animations showing the platform doing something for investors. You can design parts that bolt onto the systems without actually having a system or reading complex drawings.

There are many useful applications of a 3D model, and most researchers and engineers will need to either acquire or create these files long before they commit to an RMP for their robotics project.

Download Segway RMP Standard 3D Models Now

At Stanley Innovation, we love creating solutions to complex problems. Getting a model for your RMP is a problem that would be complex to solve on your own, but we have provided the solution in easy to download .zip files, so that you can start focusing on your real robotics project’s problems right away.

If you need any custom URDF or 3D models, we can provide you with those as well. Contact us to request a custom file.


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