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Stanley to Unveil One-of-a-Kind Autonomous Mobile Robot at Automate 2017

Automate 2017 is approaching and the team of advanced roboticists at Stanley Robotics is looking forward to showcasing an innovative new autonomous robotic mobility platform capable of assisting startups, researchers, and factories alike by expediting timelines and improving delivery expectations of their ongoing robotic applications development projects.

Held once every two years in the U.S. — this year’s event is April 3-6 in Chicago — Automate features all the latest in cutting-edge robotics, vision, motion control, and related technologies — routinely attracting thousands of visitors from around the world looking for ways to enhance their processes, improve product quality, lower costs, and sharpen their competitive edge.

As a creator of off-the-shelf and custom robotic solutions, Stanley is looking forward to this major industry event, especially the opportunity to meet with startups, integrators, and manufacturers who are eager to develop valuable strategic partnerships.

“Stanley has a history of helping startups get off the ground faster,” said Stanley Robotics CEO Jason Walker. “Our state-of-the-art processes and out-of-the-box autonomous mobility platforms have helped researchers shave years off their projects and have allowed them to focus on their most valuable applications.”

In addition to meeting with startups, investors, like-minded roboticists, and researchers, Stanley will also unveil a new right-sized commercial grade holonomic robotic mobility platform that is unlike any other mobility platform on the market today. As the latest addition to Stanley’s fleet of RMPs, the new platform is expected to be more agile and effective — a versatile robot capable of completing a variety of tasks, like water spider applications in lean assembly lines across the manufacturing industry.

“This new platform exemplifies Stanley’s mission of helping companies advance the development of their applications without having to spend years developing the mobile component first,” said Walker. “This reduced time-to-market creates an unparalleled value that can’t be overstated.”

Another exciting announcement expected at Automate 2017 involves Stanley revealing a new state-of-the-art robotic arm coupler designed to enhance not only the aesthetics of your robotic manipulator, but also the functionality of your entire robotic manipulation system.

Representatives from Stanley are ready and willing to assist you on the development of your next robotics application project. Contact us to set up a time to talk or swing by Booth #2313 to meet us in person at Automate 2017.


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