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Stanley Innovations Delivers Superior ROS Integration Capabilities

Integrating RMP and ROS For Any Robot Application

Stanley Innovation uses Segway Robotic Mobility Platforms RMP to get you where you need to go and the ROS integration capabilities to let you to do what you need to do. By combining the mobility of RMP and the versatility of the ROS open source community; we are able to create robotics solutions for a variety of industries and applications. The new RMP V3, a ROS Integrated RMP line, provides the highest functionality and navigation accuracy possible at the lowest cost, while also delivering platforms researchers could use for multiple future projects.

Our engineers estimate a researcher can save up to two years worth of development time by using the ROS Integrated RMP line.

The perfect marriage between RMP and ROS software

Stanley utilizes a full ROS stack that enables our customers to customize their platform for almost any use or function— whether it is autonomous navigation, 3D mapping, manipulation or computer vision. All of our platforms come ROS capable. This collaboration between RMP hardware and ROS software creates the ability to bypass low-level integration processes and instead focus on what’s most important—writing software designed for specific robotics applications.

Stanley engineers achieved this revolutionary new integration by creating Mobility Engine™. Stanley’s Mobility Engine™ modifies the existing Segway® RMP to include an embedded architecture that works seamlessly with ROS. Engineers also developed a ROS stack for RMP so researchers no longer have to spend time developing low-level capabilities in ROS, and can instead focus on creating high-level applications. And because Stanley’s Mobility Engine™ also includes proprietary software libraries and hardware designs for preconfigured integration between RMP V3 and peripheral technologies, the addition of other robotic solutions such as the is now even more achievable.

We developed a ROS stack that is really well designed for RMP. We built a very robust system that is very reliable, very accurate and repeatable."

- Patrick Hussey | Chief Technical Officer