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Ready for RoboBusiness: Stanley Robotics to Showcase Turnkey Robotic Solutions at Upcoming Industry Event

RoboBusiness is right around the corner and the team of roboticists at Stanley Robotics is looking forward to showcasing several new turnkey products in front of some of the industry’s top integrators, engineers, researchers, startups, and more.

The annual event, which is considered the “most important gathering of the year for those seeking to learn more about and profit from robotics,” takes place Sept. 27-28 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

As a premier mobile robot platform builder and integrator, Stanley Robotics will be on hand (Booth 418) to showcase its off-the-shelf and custom robotic solutions — as well as give attendees an up-close look at its latest robotics products — Vector and CuffLink.

  • Vector the latest addition to Stanley’s fleet of autonomous mobile robots, is a right-sized commercial grade holonomic robotic mobility platform that features unparalleled navigation capabilities thanks to a sophisticated sensor package.
  • CuffLink-RK is a new state-of-the-art robotic arm coupler designed to enhance not only the aesthetics, but also the functionality of a Kinova + Robotiq manipulation system. And best of all, the integration of the arm and gripper takes minutes instead of hours.

Stanley Robotics CEO Jason Walker said he looks forward to demonstrating how Vector is the newest out-of-box robotics solution for anyone looking to buy a robot today, take it home, turn it on, and begin using it.

“Vector is a turnkey robotics solution; versatile enough to be used in a variety of industries and applications,” said Walker. “I can’t wait to show people how easy to use our new products are.”

Walker said he is also planning to unveil another new product at RoboBusiness. Drop by Booth 418 to see what it is!


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