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RMP220RE, a ROS Enabled Segway® Platform Has Arrived!

Inexpensive, high power sensors combined with access to ROS libraries, are enabling major strides in the robotics industry, allowing companies to design and make robots with complex functionality for less. Stanley Innovation is actively working to incorporate many of these sensors and launch ROS enabled Segway® Robotic Mobile Platforms (RMPs). The first of these platforms is the RMP220RE.

The robotics community knows that the Segway® Robotic Mobile Platforms (RMPs) are some of the most robust and tested robots on the market. All Segway® RMPs are built with the high-power, long range, and reliable Segway® propulsion technology. This same technology is used in the highly popular Segway® Personal Transporter (PT). The system architecture was redesigned and developed by Stanley Innovation’s founders, which is highly customizable to any application.

A major disadvantage to the Segway® RMPs is they don’t offer ROS. Stanley Innovation wanted to change that and the RMP220RE was born. The RMP220RE platform is similar to the RMP220 platform and utilizes the same propulsion system, software architecture, and dynamic stabilization to keep the robot upright. In addition to these features, the RMP220RE platform offers:

  • A fanless PC that’s preconfigured with Linux, ROS and RMP ROS edition package. Also included are examples for SLAM, navigation and simulation
  • Integrated 3D-RGBD sensor and Hokuyo 2D laser scanner
  • 380 Wh Auxiliary power with 5/12/24/72VDC 150 Watt outputs
  • Redundant 6-DOF IMU with advanced embedded pose estimation

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