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Flex OMNI — Precision Motion, High-Payload, Long Runtime

A revolutionary step forward for Mecanum, omni-directional mobility.

Segway® Flex OMNI is a precision, rugged, high-payload material handling machine. It is a true holonomic mobile robot platform, like no other available. This platform is ideal for use in an environment with limited space that requires precise mobility and handling. When we studied the precision mobility problem, we went flex to improve directional stability in surface variants such as floor seams and other obstacles where other rigid systems fail to perform.

The Flex OMNI platform is no longer available for purchase. For the most advanced, industrial-strength, easy to use, omnidirectional autonomous mobile robots currently available on the market, please visit Waypoint Robotics to learn about the Vector & MAV3K AMR platforms.

All of our platforms come ROS capable so you no longer have to spend time developing low-level capabilities in ROS, and can instead focus on creating high-level applications.


Roll degree of freedom allows operation over cracks, depressions, or bumps of up to 1.5” without losing 4 points of contact

Mecanum wheels allow for motion in any direction

Rigid wheels allow for extremely high payload

Easily reconfigurable length / width

Highly efficient propulsion system allows for long runtime

Ideal for equipment transportation, inventory transport, or warehouse applications


Pre-configured PC for advanced ROS capabilities

Optional auxiliary battery and DC-DC converters

ARHS system to provide closed loop heading control

Hokuyo Scanning Laser Range Finders, Smart-URG

Custom Solutions for Flex OMNI

See our customization capabilities to integrate advanced control, manipulation, vision and sensing into your robotics platform. We can integrate custom solutions into your platform, allowing you to be up and running right out of the box.

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