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Advanced Mobility Prototypes

Combining robust architecture with advanced dynamics and control.

There are several other more advanced mobility solutions that we are experienced with. Here are two very unique and innovative systems that were designed to solve a specific problem for customers.


Built to address the shortcomings of a skid-steer system.

The ARTI platform utilizes a two-degree of freedom joint to permit roll and yaw rotation. This flexibility enables the four-wheeled platform to traverse aggressive terrain while continually maintaining all four points of contact with the ground. ARTI was named for the articulated steering that enables it to carry heavier payloads over more aggressive terrain, as compared to skid-steer platforms. ARTI is capable of quietly traveling longer distances with more payload than any other four-wheel platform in its class.


The next evolution in balancing technology.

Mini-PUMA was a prototype built to showcase the flexibility of the RMP architecture to add additional degrees of freedom quickly and easily. The code base for the Segway RMP is a refined version of the code that made the GM EN-V (PUMA) project possible. The ability for Mini-PUMA to transition from passive stability to active stability (balancing) allows for fully autonomous behavior not found in any other robotic system. The sliding degree of freedom found in both PUMA and Mini-PUMA provides a stable level platform during acceleration and deceleration.

Segway® RMP Custom Solutions

See our customization capabilities to integrate advanced control, manipulation, vision and sensing into your robotics platform. We can integrate custom solutions into your platform, allowing you to be up and running right out of the box.

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