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Your Project Should Start with a Robust Mobile Robot Platform

A powerful, scalable, reliable and proven mobile robot platform.

Today, mobile robot platforms are being developed across almost every industry in order to solve for a number of complex issues—whether it is manufacturing, warehousing, research, military, law enforcement, agriculture, mining, etc.

Stanley Innovation has developed proven mobile robot platforms, Segway® Robotic Mobility Platforms, also known as the Segway RMPs, that are unmatched in their capabilities and track record. These platforms are no longer available for purchase but the following information will give insight into the expertise and advanced capabilities of the team at Stanley Innovation.

If you are interested in off-the-shelf, customizable omnidirectional autonomous mobile robots for your next project, please visit the website of our sister company: Waypoint Robotics


The RMP Platforms developed by Stanley Innovation leverage a scalable, high power density, fielded propulsion system that has been tested to transportation standards and mass-produced for 12 years. Add to that the flexible and modular RMP split-processing architecture and control system, and you have a mobile robot platform technology that nothing in its class can touch.

The RMP software/hardware architecture, known as V3 was developed by our founders as an evolution of the cumulative Segway technology development library. This library was built by a team of the most brilliant engineers over the last 12 years of Segway’s history. RMP is the new generation of Segway technology—a highly robust architecture with maximum flexibility for research in mobility, manipulation, vision and sensing.

Key RMP Technology Advantages

System Highlights

  • Built with the high-power, long range, proven and reliable Segway® propulsion technology
  • Leverages high power Lithium-Iron Segway Smart battery
  • Long range with fast recharge times
  • Quiet and reliable operation with Segway’s tuned helical gearboxes
  • Lower cost by leveraging Segway PT propulsion components and manufacturing volumes
  • Optional auxiliary power at (5-48VDC) for peripherals
  • On-board redundant 3-axis IMU with Segway proprietary inertial estimator
  • Repair centers conveniently located around the world via the Segway dealer network

    Software Highlights

  • Robust software architecture
  • Fault detection / isolation with time stamped logging
  • Simple cross-platform configurable interface, APIs and examples in Python and C/C++
  • V3 offers ROS API with examples, simulations and advanced embedded estimation algorithms
  • Ethernet, USB and CAN user interface with configurable performance parameters and feedback data at rates up to 100Hz and access to over 100 system variables

Select Your Platform

  • Passive Stability

    RMP210 — Maneuverable, Compact, Low-Cost

    RMP210 is a mobile robotics platform that is perfect for indoor research applications on a budget.

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  • Active Stability

    RMP220 — Balancing, Long Range, High Power

    RMP220 is a powerful, highly maneuverable, two-wheeled mobile robot platform with advanced dynamic stabilization capability.

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  • Rugged All-Terrain

    RMP440 LE & SE— Rugged, Powerful, Reliable

    RMP440 is a rugged, all-terrain, 4-wheel drive platform that is suitable for all-terrain outdoor use.

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  • OMNI-Directional

    Flex OMNI — Precision Motion, High-Payload, Long Runtime

    Flex OMNI is a truly versatile and precise mobility system, highly customizable and adaptable, with Mecanum, omni-directional motion.

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  • Advanced Mobility Prototypes

    ARTI & MINI-PUMA — Advanced Mobility, Innovative Dynamics

    See our customization capabilities to integrate advanced control, manipulation, vision and sensing into your robotics platform.

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  • Looking for something custom? We're taking autonomous mobile robots to the next level, bringing advanced control, perception and manipulation onboard.

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