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Kinova JACO Robotic Arm

A light, compact and power-efficient mobile robotic arm.

Robotic mobile arms are crucial components for many robots, and the multifunctional JACO robotic arm from Kinova can be designed to perform a wide range of tasks. Built by Kinova, an industry leader in advanced robotic manipulation, the JACO is a three-fingered arm that we can integrate with your new or existing Segway® RMP .

The Arm

JACO Research Edition moves smoothly and silently around 6 degrees of freedom with unlimited rotation on each axis. The axes are aluminum compact actuator discs of a unique design. Each JACO robot arm consists of 2 distinct sets of 3 identical, interchangeable and easy-to-replace CADs linked together by a ZIF (zero insertion force) cable. Its main structure, entirely made of carbon fiber, delivers optimal robustness and durability as well as a cutting-edge look-and-feel. The arm is mounted on a standard aluminum extruded support structure that can be affixed to almost any surface.

The gripper

The gripper consists of 3 under-actuated fingers that can be individually controlled. Their unique bi-injected plastic structure endows them with great flexibility and unrivalled grip. JACO Research Edition technology allows the fingers to adjust to any object whatever its shape; as a result, they can gently pick up an egg or firmly grasp a jar.


JACO Research Edition can be controlled with a computer or Kinova’s 3-axis, 7-button joystick. Control is intuitive and allows users to navigate using 3 different modes: translate, rotate and grip. Also, Kinova’s Intelligent Singularity Avoidance System always keeps JACO safely away from unwanted locations. The arm is highly flexible and can adapt to all user needs.


JACO Research Edition features an advanced application programming interface (API), enabling programmers to raise their experience to another level. The API, linked to the arm through a USB 2.0 connector, allows programmers to configure advanced parameters and integrate the robot to their own systems. In addition, JACO Research Edition can be controlled with any one of many navigation systems, providing a broad range of applications from analyzing central system data to programming automated paths.

The API comes with complete documentation and several code examples. It is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. In addition, new and exciting updates are available on a regular basis.

Custom Robotic Solutions

Whatever you want your robot to do, we can make it work. See our customization capabilities to integrate advanced control, manipulation, vision and sensing into your robotic solution.

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