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Stanley Innovation specializes in advanced robotic development. Our founders started out at Segway, developing the new Segway® RMP architecture and working alongside the industry’s top engineers and developers. Today, we work with companies, developers and researchers to make the seemingly impossible possible, by developing advanced custom robotics on the Segway® RMP platform.

Stanley Innovation and Segway—creating the next generation of RMP.

The Segway® RMP has proven itself to be the best platform in mobile robotics, and has been in virtually every industry and research application. We have an agreement with Segway to continue development of the new RMP architecture. As fellow researchers, we strongly believe in the possibilities of RMP, as it offers benefits like no other robotic mobility system.

Robotics is all about collaboration and creating new technology. At Stanley Innovation we believe in forming strategic partnerships, gaining access to revolutionary technology. This furthers not only our vision of creating robotic solutions for the next generation of robotics, but the advancement and collaboration of the industry as whole.

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The Segway® RMP offers unique capabilities to meet your needs in robotic capability.

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Advanced Robotic Manipulation

Meet Kinova Robotics, the New Leader in Advanced Robotic Manipulation

Kinova shares our vision, and we’re collaborating with them to bring you the best in mobile manipulation research.

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We provide all of the components, software, consulting support and complete solutions that allow you to focus on the advanced navigation, mobile manipulation and vision algorithm development.

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