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EFS Technology - Redefining the Human Machine Interface

A simple and intuitive touchless 3D-gesture based interface that works.

Coupled with our proprietary gesture detection algorithms, we have created a 3D interface in terms of reliability, robustness and cost. The most promising applications for this patent-pending technology are focused on environments where reliable, low-cost, sanitary interfaces are critical. Hospitals, cleanrooms, restaurants and vending machines need to limit cross contamination between people. This technology provides a method of machine interaction without contact, with dramatically lower costs and higher reliability when compared to traditional push-button interfaces.

EFS (Electric Field Sensing)

A combination of revolutionary sensor technology and embedded estimation algorithms for 3-Dimensional tracking and gesture recognition. A new technology that will revolutionize the field of non-contact sensing and gesture recognition with a robust, low-cost sensing solution.


  • Elevator interfaces
  • Beverage dispensing
  • Food industry
  • ATMs
  • Hospital doors and elevator control panels
  • Medical or lab equipment and machinery
  • Cleanroom machinery interface
  • Food manufacturing and cooking equipment
  • Intuitive interface for 3D modeling
  • Sensing and robotics — object detection and collision prevention