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Our lab is specifically designed to solve complex system level problems, which requires a multi-discipline approach. We excel at creating effective integrated solutions for automation, advanced sensing robotics applications. Our industry-proven process for creating complex system architectures, concept prototypes and robust products delivers results at a rapid pace. Our attention to detail, robust technology library and “design for today and provision for tomorrow” mantra will keep you ahead in the technology race.

From concept selection to delivery, our unique talents and in-house prototyping capabilities put your project on the right development path—fast. Functional prototypes are often necessary, not only for concept evaluation, but also for securing grant money. We have the skills, tools and experience to deliver working prototypes quickly and efficiently.


Embedded solutions that reduce cost and increase functionality

Multi-disciplined team that has the experience working together to take a parallel approach, reducing cost and time to market

Flexible architecture designed to adapt and grow with ever-changing industry demands

Real world engineering approaches that merge theory and concepts with successful implementation

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We have the experience and partnerships to get your technology developed at an accelerated pace! Learn more about our R&D process and capabilities.

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Our internally developed proprietary technologies can be the missing piece of your next project. Please contact us to explore your project requirements.

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