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Stanley Robotics Unveils Vector: A High-Quality, Compact, Industrial Strength, Precision Robot

Stanley Robotics is proud to introduce its newest, most nimble autonomous mobile robot to date, Vector — an omni directional, compact, industrial strength, commercial grade robot designed to meet the needs of corporate and academic researchers alike.

As a ROS Native robot, Vector was designed and built from the ground up to be ROS (Robot Operating System) compatible; as opposed to other robots where ROS integration is an afterthought. A smaller version of Stanley’s Flex OMNI platform, Vector is preconfigured for autonomous mobility and shows up ready to work, making it ideal as a ready-to-deploy solution or an OEM component of your next product.

A Smart and Reliable Workhorse of an Autonomous Mobile Robot

Being a ROS Native means that this robot puts all the free, open source, ROS software at your fingertips, including Stanley’s autonomous navigation stack. This capability allows for the following:

  • Enhanced Navigation — Vector can navigate autonomously right out of the box.
  • Assisted Teleoperation – Allows you to drive the Vector while its sensors assist in preventing collisions.
  • Map Creation – Use Vector to create the maps that it will use for autonomous navigation.

Other Key Features:

  • Unparalleled Battery Power —The smart-battery system uses inherently safe lithium ion chemistry, and has enough energy to work all day long.
  • High Payload Capacity — Vector’s payload capacity is almost 300 pounds.
  • Safety Architecture – All of Stanley’s robots have a transportation grade Safety Kernel running on an RTOS embedded system.
  • Industrial Gearboxes – Vector uses heavy duty gearboxes that are specifically designed for mobile robot applications.

An Autonomous Mobile Robot, Ideal for Any Application

Don’t let its size fool you. While Vector is small and agile enough to work in a standard home or office environment, it’s tough enough for the factory floor — ideal for commercial customers looking to automate tasks like material handling or adding mobility to cobots.

In addition to the logistics and manufacturing industries, entrepreneurs who have identified a business opportunity that requires a robot, but they don’t want to build the robot themselves, will find the Vector as the ideal solution to jumpstart their project.
Vector was designed to instantly assist startups with a robotic application or device that requires autonomous mobility. For example, instead of spending two years working your autonomous mobile robot, Vector is mobile ready — meaning you can get to work on your passion project right away.

Contact us today to learn more about Vector.


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