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An Omni-Directional Autonomous Mobile Robot Adaptable for Any Sized Organization

Your factory operation is a well-oiled machine. But continual changes in technology are forcing factories to become more flexible — both in terms of work systems and employee management. Stanley Robotics builds customizable omni-directional autonomous robots that are ROS Native. They serve as nimble and trustworthy additions to your workflow. Stanley’s robots are outfitted with state-of-the-art Navigator packages that can help manufacturers of all shapes and sizes solve complex problems.

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A Mobile Robot Built Around Personalized Service

Industrial robots are no longer just for large-scale manufacturing operations — they’re for any size operation in need of a scalable solution. But mobile robots aren’t replacing employees on the assembly line, they are enhancing the workflow to ensure these employees are used in the most efficient manner possible. Stanley’s autonomous mobile robots mean you no longer need to burden your most valuable employees to do the tedious task, such as the movement of goods throughout your factory setting. Integrating one of Stanley’s autonomous mobile robots into your production process is a smart investment. Let Stanley’s autonomous mobile robot handle the haul.

It used to be true that robots were reserved for the titans of industry, but not anymore. Stanley has created industrial grade robots that are accessible to everyone. We want to give small business owners the technological leverage they need to compete, and increase profitability by keeping their people focused on the most valuable tasks.

- Jason Walker | CEO and co-founder of Stanley Robotics

Available Models

Vector — Compact, ROS Native, Omni-Directional

Vector is an industrial strength, high quality, omni-directional, fully autonomous, mobile robot. Compact and agile, this robotic mobility platform is a ROS-Native — allowing you the openness and configurability needed to take on any robotics task.

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