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Incredible Advancements in Agricultural Robotics

An Autonomous Advantage in the Agriculture Industry

All throughout the agriculture industry, farmers and producers alike are searching for ways to automate their processes in an effort to achieve maximum efficiency in manual labor and increase output of crops. Thanks to advancements in agricultural robotics, these producers are finally starting to realize the benefits of process automation. Stanley Innovation’s highly durable Robotic Mobility Platforms (RMP), combined with Stanley’s Mobility Engine™ and open source ROS integration capabilities, are working hand in hand with laborers to advance the next generation in the agriculture industry.

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An RMP Solution Made for Exploration

Stanley’s RMP comes fully equipped and ready for use — meaning your agricultural project remains the priority and you’re free to test your concepts. The compatibility between Stanley’s RMP hardware and ROS software creates the ability to bypass the low-level integration processes and instead focus on the task at hand.

Stanley’s RMP440 is a rugged, all terrain, four-wheel drive mobility platform with a high payload capable of carrying large quantities of pesticide, weed killer or other heavy materials. Whether it’s a small farm or a large-scale production, the RMP 440 platform is designed to traverse at a long range across a diverse agricultural landscape.

- Patrick Hussey | Chief Technical Officer

Available Models
Segway RMP-Active Stability

RMP220 — Balancing, Long Range, High Power

Segway® RMP220 is a powerful, highly maneuverable, two-wheeled mobile robot platform with advanced dynamic stabilization capability. The size, reliability and mobility advantages of the RMP220 have made it a popular choice among researchers.

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Segway RMP-Passive Stability

RMP210 — Maneuverable, Compact, Low-Cost

Segway® RMP210 is a passively stable, compact platform with all the important features that RMP offers. It is designed for customers that don’t require the range, payload and terrain capabilities of our other platforms. It is perfect for indoor research applications on a budget.

Robot Specs
Rugged-All-Terrain RMP

RMP440 LE & SE— Rugged, Powerful, Reliable

Segway® RMP440 is a rugged, all-terrain, four-wheel drive mobility platform. Its design empowers today’s mobile robotics developers to easily integrate your own equipment on top of the platform and build a customized application to meet your specific needs.

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