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What to Know Before Investing in a Mobile Robot

13 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Robotics Platform

Every successful robotics project begins with a careful analysis of the requirements and capabilities your mobile robot needs — helping you to choose the right platform and any technology add-ons you’ll need. This eBook includes a list of questions to help define your robotics project, as well as some points to ponder when looking at which robotics company will help you achieve your goals.

This eBook will help you determine:

  • The impact environmental conditions have on the performance of your mobile robot.
  • How the expected payload of what you’ll be transporting on your mobile robot can affect its speed and overall performance.
  • What requirements your mobile robots needs in terms of battery technology, maneuverability, propulsion system etc.
  • The difference between open source and proprietary control software, and the impact each can have on your mobile robot.
  • How external integrations/add-ons can amplify the ability of your mobile robot—ensuring it can achieve almost any programmable task.
What to Know Before Investing in a Mobile Robot
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